Privacy Policy and Cookies

What are cookies

A "cookie" is a small item of data or a text file that websites store on your computer.
The purpose of saving a cookie may be to recognize the computer by repeated visits to the website,
automatic login, adapting the website content.
E-commerce websites for instance often adapts the content to the users needs and interests, based on
previous behavior on the site.

Our use of cookies uses cookies for some minor functionalities, including bookmarks and logins.

We also use cookies for statistics in relation to the number of visitors on the website, and
in connection with improving the user experience.

Data is analyzed exclusively, statistically and in an anonymous form.
This means we do not use or save any personal information about you.

How to delete or block cookies

We naturally hope that you will allow cookies and thus help us to improve the website.

If you do not wish to receive cookies from, you can follow the link
below for guidance on how to block or delete cookies in the most common browsers.
A browser is the program you use to view websites and the browser program may vary depending on what device you use.

How to delete cookies in the most common browsers:

Internet Explorer

Yderligere information om Cookies kan findes på hjemmesiden

The tools

The tools The tools can be used both with or without the public danish NemID password,

Without login the website saves a cookie with your results, this cookie is deleted when the browser window is closed.

With NemId login you can, once you have used one of the tools, save your health data in a secure way behind the public NemID password. This way you can track your results over time.

External Apps and websites provides links to some external apps and websites because we believe
they are tools and information, which can be used in your everyday life. refers to the individual app or web pages privacy policy or information
regarding cookies, as we are not responsible for external sites.

Why we inform about this

All Danish websites are obliged to inform users about the cookies being placed on the users
equipment and how these can be removed.
The information must be in accordance with the
"Order on the requirements for information and consent for storage of and access to information on end-user terminal equipment",
which is part of an EU directive on the protection of privacy in electronic communications.